Cowbase Organic Farming

Cow farming in India has its long association with desi cows. Today, it is the need of the hour. Our country’s future is based on the existence of these desi cows. Earlier, we could identify more than 100 types of desi cows. But today, we could reach only up to 28 of them. In the olden days, cows were an integral part of Indian agriculture. It was a proven equation, as it had a scientific base and not just the religious faith. Today, as we march ahead with mechanization and automation, we must not forget our base and include cows in the agriculture ecosystem. Today, agriculture is facing problems concerning land, human being, and animal (cattle). We have to give back to our mother earth before expecting production, quality, and quantity. Hence, our focus is on promoting cow-based organic farming to the maximum extent possible.


• Create awareness regarding the hazardous pesticide effects on the land.
• Promote cow-based farming methods.
• Spread our forefather’s ancient cow-based farming knowledge among the farmers.
• Today, the spread of our cow-based farming project is across 110 acres of land. The results are dramatic concerning the quality and quantity.

Organic and Natural Produce

Mahatma Gandhi had rightly said – “Nature will give enough for humankind’s needs but not for their greed.”