Indigenous Cow Breed Development

We maintain all pedigree details of the cows for healthy breeding and to avoid inline breeding. The main aim is to produce good quality calves for the future generation

Cow Based Organic Farming

Mahatma Gandhi had rightly said – "Nature will give enough for humankind's needs but not for their greed."
Organic farming is not just a farming method but a culture practiced by most farmers in India and worldwide, even before the advent of chemical manures, pesticides, fungicides, and weedicides.

Training Programs For Gaushalas

A Gaushala project involves heavy investment in the starting phase.  Many  times this  leads  to significant  losses.  We  aim  to develop  successful entrepreneurs in the Gaushala segments by providing technical and financial guidance.

Social Awareness

Need to save the environment. We all know the degrading quality of earth life, All the activities of humans driven by greed and selfishness have caused all harm. Not just saying that saving the earth is the need of the hour, it’s time to act on it.

Organic and Natural Produce

we produce organic (natural) food products without pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals. Hence intending to make India healthier, disease-free, and unlock the secret of your forefather’s health, ‘Cow Ved’ has decided to promote organic (natural) food habits and make India free from diseases and land environment degradation.