Let's Save the Heritage Of Desi Cow

I am Nikhil Patil, a passionate cow lover from Jalgaon, Maharashtra. I was born and brought up in a family that cherishes Indian ethics, culture and is inclined towards nature. We strongly believe that Indian people are God-gifted with a unique species – the Desi Cows. We worship them and treat them just like our mothers when it comes to taking care of their physical and mental health. Desi cow’s milk , urine and cow dung have their own rich values for human and soil . It helps us maintain good physical and mental health, mind-body balance, prosperity, and social peace.

Desi Indigenous cow which is the only way of natural farming one can adopt.

Today not just only we have started realizing the adverse effects of milk But also degradation in agricultural land is another problem to ponder. To overcome the surge of unhealthy milk products practices and chemical-based farm produce, let us come together and contribute towards increasing the awareness of using desi-cow products. It will help us to bring back the glory of our traditional healthy lifestyle led by our forefathers. As a first step, I have developed my Desi cow gaushala (Herd), which will cater to your cow-based products and farming needs in one of the most efficient and systematic ways. We at Cow Ved, promise you to deliver a cent percent authentic and natural product. We assure continual development of such products and would make them available as and when they are ready. For the time being, I invite you to try the products from the available range and kindly incorporate them into your daily life. This step will surely help to stay fit and healthy at all times. I am confident that you will join me in my movement of preserving the desi Cow breeds and cow-based farming. It would help us to bring back the glory of our legacy of organic and natural products. Please feel free to contact me for more information on our processes or products.‘Join me in revealing the secret of our forefathers’ health.”.