Training Entrepreneurs From Basics

Today Gaushala projects are facing many problems, including financial issues. Some of them are at a loss due to incorrect guidance and management. A Gaushala project involves heavy investment in the starting phase.  Many  times this  leads  to significant  losses.  We  aim  to develop  successful entrepreneurs in the Gaushala segments by providing technical and financial guidance.

We look forward to training young and dynamic entrepreneurs in the following areas:

Farm visits and practicals

Study of low budget effective farm models

Essential topics in farm construction

Capital managementIndigenous breeds

Understanding indigenous cow characteristics

Purchasing cowsImportant breeding guidance of cows

Dairy farm management and profitabilitySelection of cows

Fodder management

Precautions, prevention of diseases, and solutions

Calculating the per liter cost of milk

Profit generation

Mistakes by dairy farmers

Dairy farms

Importance of Fodder stock

Accounting and productivity lessons for your farm

Marketing of milk and cow products

Training Session Gallery