Combo - Nasya Ghritah + Ubtan

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  •  NASYA = Nasal + GRITAH = Panchagauvya ghee.
  • "II नासा हि शिरसो द्वारम् तेन तद् व्याव्य हन्ति तान्  II"
    Accordingly the Acharya Vagbhata postulates the above shloka, elucidating that nose is considered as the entrance gate of the bonce (head) and all the diseases related to the head region vanishes by this nasya karma thus proffer you a perfect health internally as well as externally (balanced tri doshas).
  • Made using Pure Breed Cows of Gaumandir Gaushala.
  • Made in small batches.
  • Cow feedings: Cow Ved believes in what goes in comes out approach. So, our cows are fed with medicinal fodder such as Ashwagandha and Shatavari. The medicinal properties of these ingredients add value to the milk used for preparing ghee.


 AS per Ayurveda ( Panchagauvya )     
 Daily use of Panchagauvya ghritah  leads to a healthy and peaceful life with   following benefits :

  • Enhancement of all sensations especially in Smell& Vision.
  • Controls stress.
  • Enhances the overall texture of the Skin and Hair.
  • Useful in dust allergy, Migraine, Insomnia and Sleepless, Thyroid, Mirgi (epilepsy).
  • Extremely effective in treating a wide headache and stress.
  • Helps to clear breathing, snoring issues.
  • Helps to clear cold, cough& asthma, continuous sneezing.
  • Helps to lubricate the nasal passage.
  • Clean out mucus and sinuses.
  • Regular use is the best solution for hair fall. 

    BATHING SECRET (UBTAN with Essential Skin Nourishing Ayurvedic Elements) 75gm * 3 pouch

  • A perfect blend of Sandalwood, Rose Petals, Amba haladi, Hibiscus petals, Amla, Red Lentil, Chickpeas Lentils, Multani mitti, Barley, Flax seeds, Haritki, Aloe vera, Neem, Baheda, Liquorice, Orange petals, Fenugreek, Rice, Mulethi.
  • All the ingredients used are of pure virgin quality as they are pulverized in-house to form a powder. No direct powder is sourced.
  • Natural Aroma.
  • NO fillers, Binders, or foaming agent added.
  • Raw and Natural Formulation.


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